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Wardrobe raid on the set of inside

As soon as we walk in from the set, we're greeted by an intimate team. The set crew, who had been working late the day before, set off early for filming the next day, but their energies never stopped, he says, when the river greeted us.

As such, we immediately adapt to the set. When we go to meet him in Bensu Soral's caravan, he embraces us all with his natural beauty and sincerity. yes, it's going to be a great job today! When Bensu switches to hair and makeup, we ask how he started with River and start a pleasant conversation.

"I always had a movie TV episode in my heart. After graduating from the university with a degree in Graphic Design, I worked as a graphic designer for 2 years. When I realized I couldn't do desk work, I quit immediately and got my dream back. I wanted to be in the kitchen of a whole world like television. I have been involved in many series of cinema and advertising projects. Among the things I can't forget are "Desperate Housewives", "Salvation Last Stop", "Everything Is From Love"."

How does the wardrobe of "Inside" come about? Does Bensu Soral's clothes, which bring the angel character to life, have an adventure before he comes to the set?

In the preliminary phase of the series project, I prepared moods for the characters using the general story, character analysis, briefs in the script and started rehearsals as a result of the meetings. We projected the pieces that best suited the character into his style. Of course, here specific outlets such as the economic status, mood, profession, age of the character, for example, zodiac sign, helped us to make the style more real and intimate. Every week I prepare with the script for new episode purchases. I choose clothes from our sponsor brands with which we cooperate; returns, exchanges, long case queues, shoes, bags, jewelry and so on... The combinations come together according to the stage content and mood. Bensu and I rehearse a lot for the angel. Sometimes the outfit I don't like on the hanger can impress me in rehearsal, so we rehearse live when I need approval from my director.

"A bit of hair weeping makeup and millions of redundant costumes..."

In fact, hair and makeup have a very important place in integrity as well as clothes. How is the decision-making phase of this process?

We share the costume hair and makeup rehearsals we made in the preliminary preparation of the project with our director. We're making revisions to the demands and getting one step closer to the characters.

In some cases brought about by Angel's mood or script, our preparations are as follows; When we shoot the angel abduction scene, a tearful hair, a tearful makeover and millions of redundant costumes are being prepared.

What are the keywords of Angel's style?

The angel character played by Bensu Soral is very rich and a lawyer. The features that help us to follow fashion and apply it on Angel. The style list is heeled shoes, skinny jeans, crop tops, handbags, accessories, parkas.


"Bensu Soral is a very good hanger for me."

Although angel is a mafia lawyer, he's actually a very emotional character. Young and excited. How do you project that into your sytling?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a mafia lawyer on this road is the jacket-skirt-pants that never occurred to us. Angel lawyer, rich, beautiful and young character, all of these qualities made my job very easy. We even used crop tops and body chains in their daily combinations, never giving up heels in the most action-packed scenes. When the character starts to live, when I go shopping, my hand always goes to Angel's wardrobe, and after a while, I start to believe in the characters.

When we ask if there will be any change in Angel's style in later episodes, the River simply says "Surprise".

Would it be so hard to ask what was your favorite look of Angel during the series?

Bensu Soral is a very good hanger for me so I like all the looks of The Angel. Even the most basic of things was always so cool. Okay, I admit, I was impressed with her red dress combo in episode 6.

While we sip our teas, Bensu is kidnapped in tonight's episode... When he comes to us after completing his scene, his mood changes immediately and he poses a few shots.

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