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Walking guide with heels

Although it will further your way, walk small steps so as not to lose your balance. You never lose your balance with slow, small steps.

When we walk in heels, we unwittingly put our body forward and, in this way, we damage our spinal cord by loading it around our necks. Gently give your weight back to distribute the weight in our body in a balanced way. That way you'll be less tired.

If you want to feel like you're walking with babets and look natural, press with your heels first. Then lower your finger part.

Determine where you're walking, a nearby location as a target. Walking towards that goal increases your concentration, you can reach the point comfortably without stumbling and falling.

If you're wearing heels that are too big or too small for you, no advice I gave you above will work. The main rule of walking comfortably in heels is to wear a number that suits your feet.

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