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Volume 6 mascara recommendations

If you have short eyelashes, thanks to its fiber brush, it separates and extends the eyelashes one by one, giving it a voluminous appearance.

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This product, which is also one of the most popular mascara with its affordable price, extends the eyelashes from root to root with its brush. Providing a bright black finish, mascara makes your lashes look more intense.

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Its asymmetrical brush covers every eyelash thanks to its short and long fibers and provides extra volume.

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With its S-shaped curved brush, it reaches even your smallest, shortest eyelashes, separates and stretches them one by one and provides the voluminous gaze you are looking for.

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Applying light formulaic mascara to your lashes several times creates a false eyelash effect. She never leaves weight on the eyelashes.

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The biggest plus of mascara, which provides extra volume by grasping root-to-bottom eyelashes, is that it comes out easily with warm water. If you have a habit of applying mascara layer by layer, you will also notice that the mascara dries quickly after the first floor.

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