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Vitamin C in skin care in 3 questions

Vitamin C products fight free radicals on the skin, which consist of environmental pollution. Reduces redness on the skin, makes the skin look more vibrant and firm. Since vitamin C promotes collagen increase, it is also the number one ingredient in anti-aging care products. Reduces the appearance of brown and sunspots.

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Finding a vitamin C product according to your needs requires careful research. L-ascorbic acid is the most well-known form of this vitamin, which is included in many different products.  L-ascorbic acid stands out as the most preferred vitamin C acid in products, as it is a substance that has been researched the most.

Another important point is that you know what percentage of vitamin C is in the product. Between 3 and 20 percent will provide your skin with the care you want.

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You can add vitamin C products that protect against the damage of the sun's rays and environmental factors to your morning care routine. But there is no reason why we should not use it at night.

Include vitamin C foods in your daily diet. What they say beauty starts from the inside!

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