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Vintage furniture guide

If you live in Istanbul and are interested in vintage pieces, Balat is one of the addresses you should visit first. You can participate in the auctions held at the weekend and get the chance to buy the pieces you like at an affordable price. Every Saturday at 14:00, the "sell-out" auction held at Balat Cultural House is one of the most notable. The old shops in Cihangir, 'Mozk', which also sells antique furniture on the lower floor of Cihangirde, are the main addresses you should visit the antique shops street in Kadıköy. Don.com t forget to check out Dekopasaj!


We found a beautiful berjer from the '70s! We bought it. The flooring on it is obsolete. So what kind of decision are we going to make at this point? Don't! Do not combine today's neon printing fabrics with old parts. So what should we do? If the part you purchased is available, it should be a priority to use it without disturbing its originality. If it is unusable, you can find the fabric closest to its original fabric and change its upholstery.

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The vintage piece you want to use; accessories, carpets, lighting or furniture. What you should pay attention to is whether the general style of your home is suitable for using vintage pieces.

If you have a house furnished in a modern style – with bright lacquer and cubic-shaped furniture, chrome details – vintage pieces should be used to a minimum or set a point and positioned together only in the form of an exhibition space.

If your home is furnished in Bohemian, Rustic or Eclectic style, we are relatively free to use vintage pieces. When the pieces are used without exaggeration, they will achieve a pleasant integrity with the interior and take you on a journey in the not-too-distant past.  For example, a vintage thonet chair will look quite harmonious in a house furnished in a bohemian style.

If your home is furnished in classic style – with bright fabrics, bright polished wood, small patterns and varak details – it will be in perfect harmony with the ornate, embroidered, baroque vintage pieces from the same periods if it carries the heavy, glamorous breezes of the past period.

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