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Vintage decoration in 10 steps

The mirrors, which we use in many different places in bedrooms, bathrooms and halls, both make the space look bigger than it is and serve as decoration objects. Why don't the mirrors that we all use often during the day reflect our past? Antique mirrors, which can be quite easily adapted to Modern spaces, make a difference in the areas we use.

Kiosks with glass lids or hezaren lids, which have become the trend of the latest roads, are our preferred storage areas in our homes again. Kiosks, which also become an element of decoration, are a version of the storefronts we used to use.

Hezaren has been experiencing his golden age in recent years. Hezaren, who we are familiar with seeing on bed heads, closet doors, separator surfaces, armrests, most of all returned to our homes with this chair model.  

This model, which manifested itself in the 1960s, has come to life again today. Yeah, you didn't hear wrong, it's a different model, like the name; the peacock chair. This chair, which you can use on terraces, lounges and dressing rooms, that is, in a wide range of areas, is both comfortable and appealing to the eye.

In the last few years, he's been blowing a whole different air in houses. From the Metal type to the model, the drink cars we saw in many different ways are now signature pieces of home decoration. We'll say check out decopasage, House of Junk and dank.

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Frames strengthen the perception of the picture in which it is located. Especially the walls, where modern decks and vintage decks are used together, are noteworthy.   The more frames the walls are, the more beautiful it is sometimes. Let's take a look at these walls, where the use of frames befitting any style of House is exaggerated. 

It's never been easier to catch the vintage air in our homes. Now you can bring the influence of the palace to the tables with glasses that you can easily reach from every brand. Although it may seem like a small detail, it will change the mood of the tables quite a lot, believe me! Check out the extensive collections of Paşabahçe, Jumbo and Madame Coco. 

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Carpets, one of the sine qua non of our houses, serve as the main decoration element. It strengthens our perception of space by drawing boundaries and is a very important decoration element. To capture a Vintage style, you can add a new dimension to the space with the choice of carpets, especially in red and shades, in an outdated look. The wide range of Step House, Borr, Golran, Feyz Contemporary Rugs, Dhoku and Onur carpet located in the Grand Bazaar may interest you.

Lighting is undoubtedly a key part of our home decoration. Are you looking for a contrasting touch to your Modern spaces or a piece that fits your home that you've furnished in classic Air? From mosaic Design, Tepta, Flos and Moda Bagno, which bring world-famous models to Turkey, you can choose timeless parts that will adapt to the space in the style you want.

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It may seem difficult to do, don't be afraid! We're talking about a method that you can do expertly, wall snapping. It is possible to make the space look more magnificent with a little intervention on the walls. In addition, you can increase the air you want to create with elements such as wallpaper, tables, mirrors that can be added between the decals.  

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