Kanye West and woman taking a selfie
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Unknown secrets of the famous couple

Kanye's answer to the question of where you like each other's bodies the most is 'Kim's heart', while Kardashian said Kanye West loves her heart and legs the most. But Kanye West's confessions didn't stop there. "I love Kim's nude selfies," she said. I like to see her naked. I like nudity. A world where Kim doesn't show her body is like a world where Adele doesn't sing."

Kanye West and woman taking a selfie

Kim Kardashian, a mother of two, often came up with her excess weight. "When I'm overweight, my confidence decreases," Kardashian said, returning to her former form.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian are posing for a picture

Kim Kardashian, who actively uses social media, said she has never deleted a tweet, adding, "I have never regretted any tweets I have ever sent. I'm not one to tweet and then delete it when I regret it."

Kanye West leaning on a person's shoulder

Kim Kardashian, who rented a private island for Kanye West's birthday, says she'll take her children and, of course, her phone with her if a deserted candidate falls. Kanye West's answer is "My computer and the Internet."

Kim Kardashian lying on a bed
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