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Unknown about 'The Force Awakens'

It is the first Star Wars film in the series that Kenny Baker, who has appeared as R2D2 in all films, has not been named in the cast list. Baker was referred to in the film as "R2D2 Advisor".

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The Force Awakens, It was Harrison Ford's highest-paid Star Wars film.

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The inspirations for the name of Poe Dameron, one of the new characters in the series, played by Oscar Isaac, are none other than Morgan Dameron, a personal assistant to director Abrams, and Poe, his little girl's plush bear.

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The Force Awakens is the most expensive film in the series with a budget of $200 million.

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JJ Abrams made history after this film in the series, as the first director to direct both the Star Wars and Star Trek films.

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Less than 24 hours after the second trailer for the film was released, it has racked up 20 million views on YouTube.

The Force Awakens holds the record with $50 million in pre-sale tickets before its release. The previous record was for Hunger Games with $25 million.


Mark Hamill, who appeared in the film for two minutes as Luke Skywalker, is paid $1 million.

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Just 12 days after its release, The Force Awakens, which grossed $1 billion worldwide, broke the jurassic world record by one day.

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Legendary musician John Williams, who made the soundtrack to all of the films in the series, made his music for The Force Awakens to mark the 50th anniversary of his career. He got an Oscar nomination.

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