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Unfamiliar features of the makeup sponge

Soft lips

You can use a makeup sponge for a more natural and smooth transition lipstick application. Apply your lipstick to an area in your hand first. Then start by taking the lipstick from your hand with a damp makeup sponge and starting from the corners of your lip.

To fix your powder

Dip the damp sponge in your powder again, then fix your concealer or foundation in this way. In this way, the products you use will not settle on the lines on your face, but will create a more perfect appearance.

Revitalize your make-up

Drip a few drops of the serum you use for your skin on your sponge in the middle of the day. The point here is not to walk the sponge all over your face. Apply with buffer movements to areas of your face that remain dry and lifeless. You'll notice the glow coming from your face right away.

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