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Under-eye concealers

This product, which has 3 different shades, provides medium concealer without causing drying under the eyes and filling the fine lines. If you wish, you can achieve high concealer by applying a thick layer and fixing it with transparent powder. He also gets a full score for his permanence. Moreover, thanks to its metal applicator, it minimizes swelling around the eyes! We think that especially dry-skinned people will love to use it.

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You can also use a color corrector, i.e. a color editor, instead of a concealer. If you have heavy bruises on your eyes, you can give Flormar's Camouflage Palette Concealer a chance. You can apply pink regi in the palette. It doesn't cause drying in the eye. If you want a very long-term use, just renew it once. It provides a moderate concealer without filling the under-eye lines.

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A moisturising concealer enriched with minerals and nutritious plant extracts. It provides a fresh look on the days when you are sleep deprived. It will leave a healthy look on your face on days when you wear very little makeup.

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Easily applied with a sponge tip, this concealer is especially ideal for those who want to cover the lines and black circles under the eyes. The goji berry extract found in it is also good for the skewered appearance formed in the custody.

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This concealer, which manages to cover your under-eye bruises with very little product, is also perfect for the pimples, rashes and scars you want to hide on your face. After using this concealer with a wet finish, it is worth fixing it with a powder.

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For those who do not like to use liquid concealers, Flormar's Matte Terracotta Eyeshadow series is suitable for wet and dry use. You can use it to provide a matte image around your eyes or to provide a bright image to your eye springs as an illuminator. Our preference is Pixie Dust.

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Providing moderate concealment, Nars' concelar provides ease of application with its liquid form.  If you have dry skin, it does not cause a flaky appearance and provides a bright finish by taking on the tired appearance.

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The cream-formulated concealer takes the tired look under your eyes and leaves behind a bright look. Applying the concealer, which has a dense structure, with the help of a spatula that comes out of it gives the most accurate result.


Both the absorption is very successful and you can easily find the color that suits your skin color among the color options. In addition, its soft texture does not cause streaking with its strong absorption feature during the day.

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