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Tricks for choosing a summer perfume

Bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit... here are the strongest ingredients of an ideal summer perfume. It will make you feel good and fresh throughout the day with its fresh and fresh smells, and will make you noticed by those around you. Therefore, when choosing your summer perfume, let your priority preference be in favor of citrus notes. In addition, you can also benefit from the calm and romantic effect of fresh floral notes such as orange blossom, rose and peony.

Try to stay as far away as possible from woody notes such as sandalwood, Tobacco, oud, spices and cedar in the summer heat. Such dense ingredients, with their pungent smells, will create an unpleasant feeling in hot weather. And be sensitive about it so that people around you don't get away from you. 

Be sure to apply it to clean skin and clothes to get the real smell of your perfume and carry it on your skin in its Juliette form. The back of the ear, shoulders, inside the elbow and wrists are the best places to squeeze perfume. By the way, never try to cover it with perfume when you sweat during the day Dec. This will cause the smell to become even heavier, creating a very unpleasant effect. 

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