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Trending haircuts of 2018

The haircut, which has been very popular in recent years and ends just above the shoulder we call lobe cutting, comes up with a more active appearance this year. Opt for a moving part of a flat lobe cutting place by throwing different layers. A long perch on the side would make your face look softer. To style, dry your hair by throwing it forward or give your hair natural waves with a medium-thickness tong.

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This year, classic blunt hair also gets a different little touch. Asymmetrical cuts that stand longer than the front may be a model of choice for those who want shorter hair. Dry your hair first by applying an anti-electrification care product for a flat and shiny appearance. Then achieve the desired brightness and straightness with a straightener and light formula hairspray.

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The mid-length perch, which descends from the middle of your hair to the other, will offer a versatile style alternative, whether when your hair is in bulk or when it is open. Give your perch the shape you want with your fingers when drying by applying a shaper. This model will be especially suitable for those who are not afraid to cut bangs and have a round face shape!

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Those who never give up their long hair should not be sad, you do not need to get your hair cut! This season, straight, middle-split hair is also among the trendy hairstyles. Since a hair of this size will pull your face downwards, those with a round or square face shape may prefer it.

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If you want to create the illusion of perch in your straight cut blunt haircut, throw your hair in the other direction with a deep distinction from the side.  Take your hair in diagonal tufts and wave it with tongs. Use a hair fastening spray to make your hair look shiny and vibrant.

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If you're willing to make a radical change in your hair this year without fear, this year's trendy cuts will be just for you.

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