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Trending bags of next season

After a year in which velvet clothes are fashionable, it's time for bags... Especially velvet bags in shades such as my elder, emerald green will be suitable for next winter.

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Shopping bag type bags with large and short handles to be hung on the fart are suitable for those who are looking for an alternative to sports and daily use...

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One of the most innovative bag trends of the coming season is the pair of handbags that are worn and used together. These bags, one large and one small, are both cute and convenient.

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Models such as metal chains, thick ring metals, where the elegance and assertive stance of the metal emerge, will be a remarkable option.

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Cross-strap mini-models are coming back! This trend seems to be on the rise, especially after chanel's quilted bags the size and shape of phone containers.

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Perhaps the most unusual of the bag trends are the bags that completely match the fabric and pattern of your outfit... It can be a different alternative to those who like to dress uniformly.

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The current started by Fendi is in full swing. Floral, colorful, striped, patterned hangers are with us next season.

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Old chest and case model handbags are ready to hit the agenda with Louis Vuitton. It will definitely add a difference to sports or stylish combinations.

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These models, which you will use by tying around your wrist, seem to be quite a favorite after the mini bag trend. It is announced to those who do not give up comfort!

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Dolce &gabbana made such bags that it took us like a time machine and took us back to the past. If you want to experience an old-time story in the middle of the city, this trend is coming at a great pace.

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