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Trend: XL puff bags

Mango's plump designs, which come up with many color alternatives in the new season, are a highly aesthetic alternative.

Toufbags It comes with innovative designs with large, Small and X-Small Size options. The difference between quilting and classic quilting this season is that it is in the “xl and soft” texture, as it was previously encountered with coats on catwalks. Especially for daily use, bags that offer hands-free carrying with a long strap can be found on the Shopier account.

Yourhandbags offers models that are formed by combining materials, traditional decks and design energy that nature offers us and are adapted to our daily lives. Each of yourhandbags bags is produced individually by manual labor. Their processing is done by women who do not have a job in Anatolia, so you provide support to the female labor force with each bag you buy.

Designers who add a modern style to the nostalgic 50s inspired baklava pattern bags, on the one hand, bring a maximalist interpretation to the classic quilted bags.

They may not be the most convenient option in terms of usability, but oversized shoulder bags offer extremely soft handling. These models, which are usually carried under the arm, create a stylish look in the person carrying it.

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