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Trend: Velvet in the life of the metropolis

Velvet is a candidate to be an indispensable part of your closet, especially in colder months, with its softness and heat trapping. In addition, the Retro feeling caused by the structure of the fabric will make you feel like the Free Children of the 70s and 80s.

In cold and rainy winters, you can tuck your velvet trousers into your rain boots and complete them with a patterned sweater to look as stylish as Princess Diana but also to feel comfortable. Patterned sweaters, especially Diana's, will allow you to reflect the New Year spirit throughout November and December. The choice of velvet dress will give you a sophisticated look in one step.

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Jane Fonda's velvet coat, which best reflects the '80s style, is a trend you can easily apply to 2020. With light Vintage decoration in 10 steps and a retro look, you can easily adapt to the 2020 street style. You can combine it with boots for a more fashion-pioneering look.

With a velvet suit, you'll fit perfectly into the colder months. Whether you're in the office in heeled boots or comfortable sneakers, you can update your wardrobe with a velvet suit that's as handy as you can wear over the weekend and adapts to any environment.

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