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Trend tracking: High ponytails

Extravagant hair that shows you spend a lot of time and glamour when attending a special event is no longer preferred. Inspired by effortless and natural models is one of this season's trends.

The high horsetails that we have seen frequently in famous names recently have already taken their place on our inspiration board. If you wish, you can use all your hair from above, if you wish, in the form of half a tail.

To achieve this vision, first separate a lock from your hair from one ear to cover the other and comb it backwards. Fasten this tuft at the top with a hair buckle. At the top, you can use a hair stabilizer if your hair is electrified and exited. To store your hair buckle, remove a lock of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the buckle. Fasten with a wire buckle. If this step is hard for you, you can also use a large rubber buckle inspired by Hailey Baldwin's '90s style.

You can check out the models that will inspire you in the gallery next door.

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