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Trend: Technological accessories

If you want to create custom sets with personalized embroidery as well as products such as phone cases, wallets, keychains, Cachée is an option you can consider. The brand aims to take the accessories that people never leave their side away from a classic look and turn them into accessories where they can reflect their own lives and colors. All products are handmade...

Happy-Nes is another brand that works handmade products such as headphones, chargers, hanger phone cases, bag hangers. Since the products are not fabricated, even if you choose the same color combinations, you can have a special product that is different from the others and belongs to your own taste.

A colorful brand where fonfique patterns stand out combines its unique patterns with a wide range of useful and high quality products. The patterns representing different emotions and values are inspired by nature and various parts of the world by designer Ceylan Kolat and made with watercolor technique. Care is taken to produce the products in a way that is not harmful to the environment and health. Among the favorite pieces of the brand, which designs for women who love to travel, care about themselves, dress plain and complement their style with accessories, are organizers, phone cases, bags, make-up bags and portfolios.

Swarovski, one of the iconic jewelry brands, has been operating since 1895. In recent years, the brand has been making a difference with accessories such as phone cases, which it offers in parallel with its jewelry collections.

A new brand offering new generation accessories with day, night and route collections in the concept of telephone hangers with the slogan of 2 female entrepreneurs working in the technology sector in corporate companies with the slogan 'hands free, your head is comfortable, the talismans of different cities are on you!'

Serap Aktuğ, a designer from Istanbul, reinterprets accessories such as iphone phone cases, card holders and wallets that are always in our daily lives with special tanned leathers.  Unisex products are aimed at combining luxury and quality.

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