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Trend shoes of autumn

First, the biggest trend of the season is suede pieces! We see this trend not only in shoes, but also in clothes and bags. When tassels and suede came together, long boots appeared on the shoes. Especially taba and tile tones are used. It's definitely worth getting!

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a pair of brown boots
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Kate Bosworth wearing a white dress and sunglasses
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Another trend detail in the season is krokodil leather, or crocodile skin. Again, long boots, boots and even open shoes are made of chrocodil, cracked leather. Season colors and mostly green tones have been used, and I think the color that suits this model best is emerald green. You can easily use this type of piece both during the day and at night.

a woman's legs wearing high heeled shoes
a person wearing high heeled boots
a person wearing black boots
a pair of red high heeled shoes on a tile floor
a pair of black boots

Another trendy shoe is boots that are slightly taller than the ankle. But these boots have a feature this year: the kind that wraps like socks up the wrist, not plentiful! In addition, most of the boots produced in this model are made of shiny thin leather and have a gelatinous appearance. If you're looking for a pretty trendy and cool look, I'd say these shoes are their first address this season! Christian Dior, the creator of these shoes, also launched over-the-knee models.

a close-up of a woman's feet
a person wearing high heeled shoes
a person wearing blue boots

In heels, designers are determined to take us to '70s England by offering us thicker or shorter heels and longer nose or stumpy-cut nose shoes! Long or blunt nose may not be everyone's choice, but I think those with short and thick heels will be models that we can both relax and wear with pleasure.

a pair of feet wearing blue sandals
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