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Trend: Jewelry starring

The Turkish design brand Mon REVE, created by designer Betina Dermulam, offers five unique collections under the theme of FUNDAMENTALS2021, which, like its inspiration, takes its name from nature. Mon REVE FUNDAMENTALS2021 consists of five separate collections, Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind, each of which is handmade. Mon REVE FUNDAMENTALS2021 collection, which reminds its designer Betina Dermulam of the acceptance of life in all aspects, life, nature and the value of our essence, is a homage to nature.

Begum Khan brand, founded by Begum Kıroğlu in 2012, made its debut with cufflinks.  The designer, who produces jewelry in the jewelry category with semi-precious stones with his Asian culture-inspired brand, is engraved in memory with giant motifs. Animals in Chinese astrology, Ottoman turtles and exotic insects play a leading role in Begum Khan's iconic designs... The beloved brand is on sale in more than 20 countries.

Poison by Kiramer, which sets out with the motto ‘make it accessible’ design accessory, offers a dazzling style to today's trend-owning person. Poison by Kiramer, which offers the most fashionable and also the most timeless jewelry collections by following trends, appeals to fashion lovers with eye-catching designs. Bee, fish and snake decked decks are among the iconic charms of the brand since last summer!

Tanti Ceramics is a brand that offers design products by combining different materials such as mud, wood, plastic and glass. The collection is inspired by the colors and faces used in the works of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Jean Cocteau... This necklace reminds me of the jewelry presented in the souvenir sections of the museums I have visited abroad. 

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