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Trend alarm: Short pants

Classic or jeans, all pants are getting shorter now.

If you're tall, breathe a sigh of relief. First get to know your body and then meet the pants that will suit you best. Of course, don't forget the fact that a bad shoe choice will actually destroy everything in an instant!

Rule number one is to finish the end point of the leg in the thinnest part of the leg. You can emphasize this finish line by opting for jeans that feel long at the back, short at the front and cut indiscriminately.

And these types of pants are not only tight-fitting. Spanish trotters, wide molds are also possible. If you have long legs with loose and short legs, you can take full advantage of this trend.

You can also extend the shortened leg length by opting for round and pointed-toe shoes. Just because you're short doesn't make it to the short legs. With the right style, the right combination and the right shoe, it is possible to adapt the style. A pair of heels and a round-toed shoe and high waist privilege will solve everything.


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