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Trend alarm: Return of Aviator glasses

Gucci, one of the pioneers of this trend, featured very often embroidered bone-framed glasses with different geometric shapes. For several seasons, many brands such as Gucci have also come up with flat or design models that are representatives of this movement.

However, the most common street style model of recent times is Rayban's Aviator, which peaked with Top Gun and Tom Cruise! Aviator's gold metallic frame and flat glass model became one of the favorite pieces of famous fashion bloggers and editors.

Aviator models are also used when attending an event or wanting to add a cool touch to sports and a daily combined touch. Especially for those who favor effortless elegance in everyday life, plain and shabby combinations are the best complementing accessories. In more stylish and feminine styles, even an ambitious jacket-trouser suit changes its mood instantly, making you look not only stylish but also a little unusual.

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