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Trend alarm: Boots on the wrist

We got to know Christian Dior's fashion show two seasons ago. Her transparent heeled plastic-looking boots were the biggest hit of the season.

There are boots that are slightly longer than the ankle level. Therefore, it can make your wrist structure look thinner and your legs longer. Since then, ankle boots have been trending. This season, ankle boots made entirely of leather or soft, flexible herds were designed with thick short heels as before.


You can wear it under mini dresses or you can choose it with your jeans. They make a pretty good pair, especially with culotte-type trousers. The fact that they are in thick heels will make you look stylish and comfortable.

Finally, if you're complaining about your wrist part being thick, this trend may not be right for you. In that case, the short boots that end precisely on the wrist will make you look better.

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