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Trend alarm: Back to school days

While modern "college girls" like to put together some more unusual and ambitious pieces, the essential pieces of this style remain their attitude.

Sweatshirts, emblem tracksuits and coats of arms are among the pieces that bring us back to school years. You can wear such pieces especially in miniskirts, socks and Oxford-style shoe pairs, or short boots. Especially in skirt or skirt-jacket suits, plaid or goose-foot pattern will be good choices to reflect the college style. Plus-size sweaters and sweatshirts from the trends of the season are also among the best pieces to complement this style.

In color, the indispensable colors of this style are red and gray... You can be a different, shabby and a little rebellious college girl by combining different colors and patterns with greens, black and navy blues, creams.

Who's ready to go back to school?

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