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Top 5 Foundation

Add: I've been using Mac Studio Fix for a while. It is a product with high concealer, easily closing redness on the face, giving a natural appearance, not causing acne. I'm very pleased. The color scale is quite wide, if you are white skin like me and cannot find the appropriate color for your skin, you should definitely look.

Longing: Although it is said to be a foundation that is more suitable for night makeup, I am also very happy with the daily use. The fact that it has a powdering effect after driving is the reason why it is a favorite foundation candidate for people like me with oily and mixed skin. Honestly, I'm the only foundation that hasn't greased my face in half an hour. I would say that its concealer is excellent and in color it is more suitable for bronze skin. I am light-skinned, it provides a much better appearance on my skin, which tans in summer.

Cagla: One of the features I am looking for in an ideal foundation is that it allows my skin to breathe and provides a natural appearance. Nars All Day Luminous Weightless is enough to use a drop or two in everyday make-up, not even a foundation brush. Therefore, it does not leave a layered image on the skin. I also prefer up to 16 hours of permanence for busy days when I don't have the opportunity to freshen up my make-up.

Longing: First of all, I found the hue to be successful. Some foundations can look artificial, albeit in accordance with your exact tint. There's nothing wrong with this foundation . It adapts directly to the skin and integrates. Its concealer is moderate, does not weigh on the skin, has a velvet finish, is neither matte nor wet... It gives you a natural look.

Kübra: Slim, very light, concealer I think is enough... A foundation that does not weigh on the skin, balances the oil, does not shine, I think it is suitable for summer. The color scale is quite wide, so I think everyone can find their own color.

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