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Top 5 dandruff shampoos

Head & Shoulders ushered in a new era in women's hair care routines with the new Supreme Series. As well as shampoo and conditioner in the purifying and nourishing series enriched with Argan oil and Micellar juice Micellar Cleaner are also included. Skin care the award-winning Head&Shoulders Supreme purifying and nourishing series provides care in three steps. In the first step Micellar cleanser provides purifying effect second step A shampoo containing Argan oil completes the cleaning of the hair by better population on the scalp. Dandruff-free hair is deeply hydrated while feeding from Root to tip with the power of argan oil. In the last step hair and scalp care cream containing Argan oil helps hair comb easily and regain its shine with its moisturizing effect by caring for worn strands of hair.

Inspired by nature, precious seed oils (Chia, sunflower and Moringa) and clear's special formula developed with effective dandruff technology nourishes your scalp, gets its dryness and moisturizes your hair without aggravating it. It does not contain parabens and colorants. This shampoo offers three-step care; hydration, revitalization and care.

100% natural dandruff shampoo content Tea Tree Oil effective against yeasts that cause dandruff with. This shampoo, which has been proven effective by BioArge microbiology laboratories in studies on Malassezia Furfur yeast, which causes dandruff, allows rapid regeneration of dead skin, preventing flaking and dandruff formation. Contains Partridge Grape Extract thanks to the formula, which has increased its effectiveness against dandruff, it is also effective against hair loss. It does not contain petrochemical, paraben, SLS and synthetic foaming agents. 

References dandelion it nourishes the hair and adds strength. In shampoo, which provides cleaning with gentle components without disturbing the natural structure of the hair lavender, it cleanses the scalp from dead cells and makes the hair grow healthier.  Sage and it relaxes the scalp. 

Kerastase Specifique Anti-Dandruff Shampoo aims to prevent dandruff formation on oily or dry scalp, resulting in stronger and more vibrant hair. As a result of regular use, it solves the problems of itching, redness and dandruff that are scalp problems. References; PYRITHIONE ZINC it heals problems in the scalp, eliminates harmful microorganisms. SALICYLIC ACID and it repairs the hair and scalp, relaxes and cleanses dandruff.

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