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Top 12 hair care serum

It restores its strength and durability by restoring the essence inside the hair that has been weakened by chemical or mechanical wear. Provides protection against heat up to 230°C.  Strengthens and plumps strands of hair. It provides a smooth and shiny appearance.

The effective level of Q10 stabilizes the production of two essential keratin, which affects hair growth by stimulating hair follicles, while Nutrifiller restores its strength to the hair by filling structural gaps.  With its chitosan and Panthenol content, it balances the moisture of the scalp, reduces tension and helps the scalp restore its natural barrier.

As effective as a hair care serum, the 100% natural formula of this product contains 5 different concentrated oils and deeply moisturizes all hair types and adds shine. With this cure, which can be used as needed, the hair regains lost moisture.

Its formula containing coconut oil and Amino acid complex, specially developed for dry and moisture-losing hair, nourishes and softens the hair. This serum strengthens the hair strand and allows the hair to regain its natural shine. Provides intense hydration. By repairing broken hair ends, it corrects the appearance of hair. Suitable for daily use for dry and dehumidified hair. It doesn't weigh on the hair. It does not contain components of animal origin. 100% vegan content is proven and certified in internationally accredited laboratories.

Mutis Hair Care Serum it penetrates deeply into the hair thanks to its rich botanical content. Daily use makes the hair look more voluminous, gaining an eye-catching shine. It increases hair density with regular use, helps it grow quickly. With procopil in its composition, it protects the hair against external factors while ensuring the reconstruction of worn hair ends. It nourishes hair with vegetable protein and minarels.

These hair care products that are as effective serum vitamins A and E in argan oil, olive oil, adds silky softness, rich in saturated fatty acids, coconut oil sweet almond oil to nourish hair, moisturizing shea butter and rosemary oil which strengthens the hair roots, balancing, and nourishing lavender ylang ylang oil. This maintenance oil it permanently regenerates damaged ligaments in your hair as a result of Coloring, heat styling, and fraying.

Allows hair fractures to be repaired. It makes your hair soft and shiny. Protects your hair against high heat and moisture. It renews and helps protect your hair with rose hip oil. It contains complex extracts of hibiscus, Marshmallow and calendula to help repair your hair.

Organic agave in the formula of the anti-break serum, which offers all the care that hair needs, helps to deeply nourish the hair follicles. Organic jojoba oil, on the other hand, allows hair strands to be repaired, helps hair recover moisture lost. Protects hair from heat up to 230 degrees.

Hard to comb, protects dry and damaged hair. The care component, which consists of enzymes to prevent and configure hair breakages, makes a noticeable difference from the first use.  The enzyme Sod nourishes and configures the hair to its innermost layer thanks to enzymes and small grains derived from the cotton flower. 5.0 pH value does not tire the skin.

An intense moisturizing and restorative hair care serum containing keratin with Makademya oil has been developed for treated and worn hair. It provides repair of hair that is worn out, damaged and loses its vitality due to the procedures. Restores vivid and healthy appearance. It forms a complex restorative layer consisting of the special assets it contains and protects the hair from environmental damage. Prevents electrification and blistering.

With Omega 9, Omega 3 and vitamin E contained in Argan oil, it nourishes, strengthens and prevents hair breakage while growing quickly. It naturally moisturizes the hair, prevents it from mixing, making it easier to comb. It minimizes breakage loss that will occur when combing and drying hair, especially for long hair. It helps to shape difficult-to-shape hair easily. Protects hair against harmful effects from UV rays. It balances the level of sebum in excessively lubricated hair.

A great hair care serum that makes your dry, worn, brittle and pale hair look healthy, shiny and radiant, especially with its formula containing Vitamin E-rich Moroccan Argan Oil and silk extract...

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