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Top 10 moisturizers for combination and oily skin

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is a quick-absorbing moisturiser formulated for oily skin. It reduces sebum, helps to create a healthier and more balanced skin barrier. This unique formula, which includes glacial protein, desert plant and cucumber extract, helps to keep the skin moisture and protect it from dry weather conditions, without perfume.

Effective against the first signs of aging for normal and mixed skin, this moisturizing gel cream has a natural content of 92%...  The cream, which has a jasmine flowering antioxidant complex, helps to reduce the first signs of aging and is also effective in maintaining the natural balance of the skin against the harmful effects of daily life such as stress, fatigue and pollution. Matte-looking light texture is ideal for normal and mixed skin. It helps make the skin more vibrant and shiny. In the morning, it is recommended to apply it to your face, neck and neck area, preferably after invigorating lotion.

This energizing oil-free moisturizing cream helps maintain moisture for 72-hours by reviving dull & tired-looking skin. It doesn't contain oil and silicone. It makes a difference with Caffeine and Ginseng from coffee beans that help the skin look energetic. Hydra-Hug™ technology in the formula helps the skin to trap moisture, helping the skin to look moist & healthy for longer, and also stimulates the senses with its natural essential oil mixture consisting of Grapefruit, Lemon and Mint extracts.

Care cream that helps prevent the formation of skin roughness by offering an anti-acne effect for acne-prone skin. SeboRestore tehcnology (FluidactivTM Patent + Bakuchiol) complex helps maintain sebum quality and balance. Effective in removing stubborn skin roughness with AHA esters. Helps to soothe the skin and the appearance of redness with enocsolon... It is quickly absorbed by the skin thanks to its mattifying and moisturizing light texture. He can't clog pores.

It provides instant moisture with its herbal formula, which renews and moisturizes skin cells to strengthen the skin's natural moisture system. Tested by dermatologists, this cream contains its own pure-fume™ aroma of organically certified rose, Australian sandalwood, geranium, neroli and Aveda. It's not comeogenic.

Developed specifically for mixed, oily and acne-prone skin, the 3-step Propia Care Kit regulates sebum balance and provides anti-acne effect thanks to its effective formula and ProperCare™ patent. This triple set; it consists of gentle cleaning gel that cleanses the skin without drying, moisturizing care cream that offers all-day moisture support and protection against sun rays, and a care cream that provides skin repair throughout the night.

Using Auto-Replenishment technology; for the skin to constantly re-moisturize itself; it helps to create its own inland water supply. It traps moisture in the skin with Moisture Holder Super Matrixes for a smoother, healthier skin look. It can be used as a mask by keeping it on the skin for 5 minutes as a base under makeup or in a thick layer according to the need for periodic moisture, as well as when the skin needs to increase moisture with its multitasking formula.

With its lightweight structure, gel form and water-based botanical content, it moisturizes the skin deeply and throughout the day, helping the skin to look full and vibrant and maintain the freshness of make-up throughout the day.

Developed for oily skin, this cream contains plenty of BAOBAB SEED EXTRACTS with moisturizing effect. Enriched with relaxing tea tree oil, the jelly texture of the cream spreads evenly on your skin and is absorbed almost instantly. Your skin will be softer and nourished without feeling too greasy. This moisturizer also contains a natural and anti-aging substance called Adenosine, known as a relaxing substance that restores its former appearance to the skin. It energizes the skin surface, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and ensuring smoother and younger skin. Its formula was developed with Niasinamide, a natural skin whitening and anti-aging component.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost, which is admired for its ultra-light structure, is one of its products that stands out for being affordable. It helps make the skin more vibrant and shiny. Hydro Boost®'s invigorating Water Gel texture is enhanced with innovative Hieroglyphical Gel Matrix technology. With its hyaluronic acid content, which can hold up to 1000 times its weight, it traps moisture in the epidermis and moisturizes throughout the day, giving it back to the skin when it needs it. Its lightweight formula is lean and can't clog pores.

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