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Top 10 lipsticks of coral color

I think it's really unique in texture and pigmentation. Frankly, I think it's one of the best quality lipsticks I've ever used.

Coral Bliss It has a special formula called' Cremesheen', so it looks more opaque and more vivid on your lips. Its color is Coral, which means coral. I think it's a chirpy color that's very suitable for summer, and it's befitting almost any skin tone lipstick.

A range of lipsticks developed with wax and promising to give a fuller look.None of the lipsticks in this series are overly coated or matte, but they give their colors very nicely. For me, the biggest plus of these lipsticks is that their structure is magnificent. Lip balm-soft. It doesn't do any weight on the lips and doesn't dry the lips.

A subtle and stylish lipstick with a formula that includes vitamin E, evening flower and avocado oil for excellent hydration. This gel lipstick combines a special, permanent bright and rich color with a cream formula and is easily dispersed. If you apply it on top of other lipsticks, the structure is quite soft, you will love it with a light shine.

One of the creamy lipsticks that helps keep your lips hydrated thanks to the shea butter contained in it is supermatte lipstick, this lipstick is for you if you have white or wheat skin. Featuring a beige color with a pink undertone, you won't be able to separate this lipstick from your make-up bag. Satin finish and moisturizing structure will allow you to achieve a healthy look without drying your lips. Its permanent texture is the same as other satin lipsticks.

Flawless opaque super matte lipstick that you can use anywhere... Vitamin E, Australian nuts and avocado oil help moisturize and make lips look plump. It looks dull, smooth and evenly distributed on the lips. Its permanence, which I have used for a long time, is quite successful, the lipstick that everyone asks about its brand! It became one of my favorites that I never separated from my makeup bag.

Revlon has captured a very pleasant color with this cute coral-based Peach. Its shade is super thin, long lasting with good pigmentation. It also doesn't dry the lips, it moisturizes them. 

Its permanence is not bad, and like other matte lipsticks, it is not rough on the lip, I can say that it moisturizes well. I think I'll get the other colors.A coral color with a brown undertone where you can get the performance you want even in a single layer version.

This lipstick, which will have a velvet effect on the lips, gives intense color in one ride with its slim and lightweight formula. You can capture elegance with its smooth and matte appearance. 

Although affordable, Golden Rose's Velvet Matte Series lipsticks have a very successful performance and are matte in structure and quite permanent. Lipstick number 21 in the series is a decidedly peach coral color with no tile shade in it. It is very suitable for summer...

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