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Top 10 humidifiers

A face moisturizer suitable for daily use, loved by everyone, does not weigh a percentage and does not contain perfume or any other fragrance. Moisturizing the skin very well, this product is suitable for almost any skin type.

Moisture Surge Moisturizing Cream with 72-hour moisture protection technology continues to provide moisture for 72 hours, even after washing your face. The product, which uses Auto-replacement technology, helps create its own internal water source to constantly re-moisturize the skin. For a smoother, health-shining skin look, moisture is trapped in the skin with moisture-retaining Super-matrices. It contains caffeine, hyaluronic acid and active aloe juice. Care recommendations for sensitive skinalso suitable for a product. 

The legendary healing elixir Miracle Broth brings to your skin the miracle of self-renewal of sea creatures. From the first moment you use the product, your skin looks much healthier and more radiant. Especially ideal for healthy sensitive skin with moisture problems. It's no coincidence that this cream is among the legends and one of the best decers.

Especially preferred by matte and tired looking skin, this product owes its reputation to its success in providing a refreshed, revitalized, healthy and shiny appearance. With its lightweight, oil-free formula and herbal extracts, it not only moisturizes your skin, but also real wakes your skin when you apply it in the morning! 

This cream, developed with hibiscus and Haberlea leaves, moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the skin's defense mechanism while providing skin balance. The freshness and light texture of Sorbet cream-gel fascinates you with its breathtaking renewal effect. Hydrated skin for up to 24 hours will plump up, come alive and enjoy long lasting freshness. 

It helps the skin revive by giving it the moisture it needs. Thanks to the new technology, it provides protection throughout the day with its anti-oxidant formula. It helps protect the skin with advanced antioxidants and UVA preservatives. It helps to prevent the formation of signs of aging, reduce paleness and the appearance of fine lines.

Biotherm has developed a special cream that gives it a tight appearance using the power of red algae. For a noticeable change in your skin and a pleasant feeling, this product instantly delivers a smooth, velvety, soft, moist skin, while radiating a slight pinkish glow. It helps to give the skin a tight look day by day when used regularly, and the facial features become noticeable again.

A see-through cream that moisturizes the skin for 24 hours, helping to reduce the appearance of pores and prevent dryness. A product designed for normal and dry skin that needs intense moisture. With the PhytoResist system+, it helps increase the skin's resistance to internal and external sources of stress by using the rich moisture power of botanicals. This cream, which contains carrot extracts, is also ideal for those who want a single product Day and night. It brings out soft, plump and nourished skin. Because of its nourishing properties, it can also be applied to broken and dry hair tips and under or over makeup to add vitality to makeup. 

Thanks to its velvety texture, soft creamy structure and natural extracts in its content, it helps to moisturize the skin, maintain its moisture, and gain a smooth and shiny appearance. 80% of the ingredients are of natural origin, with mango oil, Kiwi and mamaku extract evoking the skin's natural mechanism. It instantly quenches the thirst of the skin and relaxes the skin. It protects the critical moisture barrier and strengthens the skin's natural barrier against external factors.

Containing 3 effective oils known for invigorating and restorative care effects on the skin, this invigorating face cream provides a brighter and fresher skin look with intense hydration thanks to micro pearl grains. Black seed oil (corn), camellia seed oil (China), rosehip seed oil (Chile) with its formula containing helps to visibly reduce the appearance of signs of aging on the skin. As soon as it is applied to the face, it easily dissipates on the skin, giving it a bright and vibrant appearance without leaving a feeling of stickiness.

Bonus: Care recommendations for sensitive skin

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