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Top 10 gourmet pasta

Molino Cucina brings daily and freshly prepared artizan pasta and sauces to your home, which are laborious to cook at home. The business is based on Italian cuisine, which offers flavors that you can cook and taste in 5 minutes. All freshly prepared ingredients every day adopt the sustainability approach brought by the” slow food " movement. In other words, all ingredients, fresh pasta and sauces consist of flavors selected according to the season. Molino Cucina, which is constantly renewed with its seasonally updated menu at certain December times, brings the quality of the restaurant you are looking for outside to your home. 

Molino Cucina offers pasta and sauces, as well as a variety of sweet and fresh cheeses. Currently serving only within the borders of Istanbul Molino Cucina flavors Fuudy App or www.molinocucina.com you can receive delivery within the same day by ordering through it.

The idea behind Eataly is very simple: collect everything you can eat, buy and learn about what you eat, all under the same roof... 11 of the 25 Eataly stores in the world are located in the Italian cities of Turin, Lingotto, Turin Lagrange, Pinerolo, Asti, Monticello, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Rome, Bari and Florence. Eataly has 9 stores in Japan, 2 in New York and Chicago in the US, 1 in Dubai and finally 1 in Istanbul... In Eataly's restaurant you can enjoy Italian dishes, and in the market section you can reach many flavors, especially fresh pasta varieties and sauces. You can stop by the address in Zorlu Center or order through the food cart.

Located in the back streets of Istanbul Reşitpaşa, Amanda Bravo is one of the favorite addresses of lunches with original recipes... Seafood and vegetables stand out on the menu. And their pasta is very famous!

Phone:  0212 2771516

Istanbul's first Italian restaurant, Mario, with its rich menu and unique atmosphere, has been offering its guests impeccable service since 1993 without compromising its quality. Da Mario, a customer of Italian cuisine for many years, offers fresh homemade pastas, pizzas cooked in a wood oven and salads that are an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine on its menu, which is renewed every season.

Address: Dilhayat Street, No: 7 Etiler, Istanbul / Turkey
Phone: +90 212 265 15 96

In Antica Locanda, as in a typical Italian restaurant, pastas are prepared daily, while risotto is cooked ‘à la minute’ when ordered. Chef Gian Carlo Talerico, who stated that” his mind remains in dishes that he cannot put on the menu, " also offers his guests special dishes with various dishes that he prepares every evening. In Antica Locanda, where bread is cooked in the kitchen and desserts are prepared daily by the chef, pizzas prepared only as special are delicious as well as light pizza with the special dough that the chef learned from the Neapolitan pizza master.

Phone: 0.212.287 97 45

Address: Sales Square No: 12 Arnavutköy Istanbul

Pinoli, one of Etiler's favorite addresses, is one of the special addresses where you will enjoy Italian tastes...  The menu is quite " minimal and concise”; but you should especially try pastas because they are homemade... Rib Pappardelle and prawn Risotto, seafood pasta and Gnochi are highly appreciated.

Address: Mustachioed Mehmet Pasha Sk. Lion Apt. No 1/1 Etiler Çamlık Mevii, 34340 Besiktas

Phone: (0212) 263 66 95

Introducing Izmir to homemade fresh pasta, the address 'Al Dente' soon spread from ear to ear. You can taste it in the restaurant and order it online. 'Fusili', 'fresh fettucine with whole wheat' and 'ravioli' are highly appreciated. 

Phone: 05523343599

Address: Mansuroğlu Mah. 286/3 Sokak No: 3 / A Bayraklı / Izmir

Aida Vino e Cucina, located in an old mansion in Istanbul Fashion, is one of the most private addresses in Istanbul... At this address, which is one of the favorites of Vedat Milor, Italian chefs bring guests together with original Italian flavors. Gnocchi prepared with shrimp, mussels and lime is one of the most delicious gnocchi you can eat in Istanbul... Porcini-filled ravioli also tastes on the palate.

Address: Caferağa Neighborhood, Painter Şeref Akdik Sokak, No: 10, Kadıköy / Istanbul

Phone: 0544 851 5151

2n14 preserved flavors project, the dynamics that support healthy living with sustainable, reliable scientific research is shaped by the data, just that the flavor is not focused on ‘Both Flavor and Health’ acting on the principle of genetics is focused on sharing with the community by producing more flavor selecting preserved, ‘it's just Genetics Preserved Delicacies’ who gradually raised with domain motto is ‘the good life’ movement... At the website ( 2n14.com ) you can find many products from pulses to fresh fruits and vegetables.  In pastas, you can reach gluten-free and GMO-free flavors from various alternatives such as Siese, lentils, chickpea flour. Antioxidant turmeric Linguine is literally a 'gourmet' alternative!

Pasta, which produces natural, healthy, high nutritional value foods, please! It was founded in 2012 by a mother, a food engineer. In addition to brand - specific formulas such as self-minced pasta, Goose and duck egg-milk noodles, beet and black carrot noodles, baby pasta, dozens of organic certified products can be found from sauces to pulses. (www.makarnalutfen.com)

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