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Top 10 Christmas gifts

It's the first accessory that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas shopping. Scarves and berets to keep warm on cold winter days or bags that add elegance to daily life may be your first choice.

1-2. Zara 3. The judge ruled that the 4th U.S. District Penti 5.Levis 6. Cotton


If you are thinking of a gift that will not be forgotten for life and will add value as time passes, your preference should definitely be diamond jewelry. Don't miss Altinbas'Christmas special discounts for this eye-catching option.

1. Diamond Baguette Five Stone Ring  2. Diamond Baguette Necklace  3. Diamond Baguette Tektaş 4.Diamond Baguette Tektaş


You can turn to care and make-up products to pamper yourself and your loved ones. Creams that give your skin softness, lipsticks and headlights that add color to your face will be a pleasant option.

1.Revolution 2-6. L'Occitane 3.Estee Lauder 4.Zara 5.Deborah Milano


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Floral or spicy fruit or woody... Each character can have a distinct smell. You can browse the perfume varieties to be as close to your loved ones as their fragrances.

1.Hermes 2. Gucci 3.Jean Paul Gaultier 4.Versace 5.Calvin Klein 6.Chloe

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A wristwatch is a gift that reminds your loved ones of you every minute of the day. You can find a suitable option according to your budget.

1.Koton 2. Marc Jacobs 3. Lacoste 4. Guess 5.Mr.Boho 6.Bun Design 7. Tommy Hilfiger


a group of watches

For tech enthusiasts, there are dozens of options that you can review from speaker to headset, mobile phone to tablet. You can choose a product based on the usage requirement.

1.Samsung Galaxy A9 2.JBL 3. TTEC Bubbles 4. IPad Pro 5.Lenovo 6. Xiami 20000 mAh 2C Quick

graphical user interface

No matter what age, a game can be found that will interest everyone. From collection models to family games, you can explore dozens of options.

1-3.Hasbro 2.Tchibo 4-5. Bun Design 6. Seagull Publications 7. Faber Castell


You can get an unforgettable place in your loved ones' house with plates that add elegance to the tables, heartwarming lighting, mugs reminiscent of artwork or a cute figure.

1. Bun Design 2-3. Mudo 4.Porland 5.Madame Coco 6th Judge


Who's to say no to a soft pajama or a home boot on cold winter days? For those who like to spend time at home, consider these options.

1-3. Penti 2-5.DKNY 4.Mudo 6.Tchibo

a group of different colored shirts

Inspiring characters, stories that add experience as if you've traveled the world... All this is waiting for your loved ones in the books.

1.Stefan Zweig 2. Ayhan Sicimoglu 3. Ahmet Umit 4.Yuval Noah Harari 5.Hector Garcia 6.Mark Manson 7.Jonathan Reynolds

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