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Tips for the preschool semester


From the age of two, your child begins to grasp sounds. Starting with the first letter of the name, you can gradually get it to recognize the letters. When you take a letter, giving examples of other words that begin with it helps it recognize that sound. For example, if you want to use 'Ada', 'The car starts with the letter A. You can also identify objects and support them to learn that letter with examples such as 'Mouth'.


Numbers and Colors:

Similar to letters, the average age of two is an ideal time to learn numbers and basic colors from 1 to 10 years old. The main method for supporting your child during this period is to include numbers in daily life. For example, when buttoning; You can improve the practice of counting by saying 'Let's turn off the one, two and three buttons' or 'there are four pieces of apples on your plate'. Likewise, exercises such as grouping the same colors can work, with an emphasis on colors whenever they can.



Toys for your child to learn basic shapes such as circles, triangles and squares are quite a lot between the ages of 0-3 years. However, from the age of 3 years, you can now bring this learning process into daily life. It's a kind of 'find shapes game'. Take a stroll at home or outside, cutting various shapes from cardboard, paper or newspaper. Try to find objects in the vicinity that are similar to the shapes you have. For example, you can lead by pointing to a circular clock and noting its similarity to the shape in your hand.


Categorical Editing:

You can teach your child activities to gain the ability to both collect similar categories of objects and organize their belongings. It is also very useful for social emotional development to improve aspects such as cooperation and responsibility. For example, if you want to use When collecting your toys or while you are collecting the house, you can start with simple applications that you can handle such as 'I'm diesel on that seat', 'let's move clothes to the other room', and then you can continue by categorizing the same color, the same type of items.

During all these activities, remember that there will be individual differences, although it is on average what developmental skills are acquired by age. Each child may have their own rhythm, strength and aspects that need a little more support.

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