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Things to be in the beach bag

1) Beach Bag and Towel First choose a nice, for example wicker, cute bag for yourself. Let it reflect your energy when you go on vacation. It's also important to choose towels. Those who wish can also buy spare towels. Sometimes our towels stay too wet. Therefore, you can make a choice in the fabric that dries more quickly to dry and use it to lay the other and lie on it.

2) Spare Swimsuit/Bikini One of the most important elements for women's health is not to stay wet. So I'd say buy a spare swimsuit or a bikini. You can get rid of the sunburn trail and the tediousness of spending the day in the same swimsuit by dressing in different models and colors.

3) Pareyo, Sea Dress and Hat is definitely one of the must-have pieces in the bag. Whether you're hanging out at the bar or restaurant, whether it's on your way to the beach or sunbathing and swimming times, you'll need a mini or long transparent or linen sea dress, kimono or a kimono to tie on top of you. The hat has both an accessory and a guarded mission.

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