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The unknown danger of selfie

Let scientists investigate the effects of radiation from mobile phones, whether it causes cancer. (One of the first scientific studies in Turkey on this subject belongs to me again; I have done a scientific research on the fact that mobile phones cause hearing problems, those who are interested can access it online.) Now I'm going to tell you about another problem with cell phones. A beauty problem I call the "Selfie Trap".

You're going to say, "What the hell is that?" I know you've actually noticed this problem, but you'll still be surprised at the end of the article.

When the addition of photo-taking to mobile phones came up 20 years ago, I'm sure many of us thought it was impossible. We thought about how huge cameras would fit on their mobile phones, or how it wouldn't be possible to take quality photos in this way. But what is really surprising is that there are mobile phones on the market today that can take 4K photos, and this does not come as a surprise to anyone.

Let's take a little theoretical knowledge tour of this.  There are lenses in the cameras just like in our eyes. Thanks to these glass and mirrors, the image is also recorded. Engineers had to add a number of new features to the huge cameras, almost every half the size of a mobile phone, in order to fit them into tiny mobile phones. Precisely because of these changes, the number of plastic surgeries increased.

One of these effects is; It was that mobile phones had to make the cameras look bigger than they were nearby objects. The freedom to take photos more closely, especially after the selfie cameras at the front were added, actually caused some problems in people's self-esteem. Because our nose closest to the mobile phone (according to our angle, our ear, our jaw...) has always turned out to be larger in photos than it really is. To try to prevent this, try to bring to your mind the people who are taking selfies.

Especially in recent years, many people think that it looks ugly because of the pictures they take with their mobile phones, and the number of applications for plastic surgeries (especially nose surgeries) has increased wildly all over the world in the last 10 years due to decreased self-esteem or even self-esteem. The same trap applies after surgery; Many people who don't like their new nose in pictures are going from doctor to doctor to have surgery again.

Remember, your nose or face is always distorted in photos taken with a mobile phone. Please keep this in mind and do not upset yourself in vain.

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