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The trend of 4 coats from the new season

If you want simpler elegance, oversize masculine cut coats can complement your combination. Even if you combine your coat with a highly feminine dress, you can achieve an understated and simple appearance. If you want to create a masculine style, you can combine masculine-cut coats with baggy trousers and sweaters

a red jacket with a black strap
a white jacket with a button down shirt
a white shirt with a black collar
a brown shirt with a white background

For feminine, stylish and classic lovers, this season's top trend is, of course, faux fur coats. Even when combined with a jean, you can create a rather feminine image. You can tailor your fur coats in different colors and patterns according to your combination. You can always achieve elegant elegance with fur coats that you can use in both your daily style and your night style. If you do not like much fur, you can opt for coats or coats with artificial fur detailing. With these details, you can capture both a fashionable and feminine style. You can complete your elegance this winter season with loose-cut coats. You can combine your coat with a mini dress and long boots, or a mom fit pants.

a black and white dog
a brown sweater with a white tag
a black hoodie with a black hood
a red shirt with a white tag
a white t-shirt with a white background
a grey jacket with a white background

With plaid, the indispensable trend of recent times, you can create both a classic and noble style When you combine a plentiful plaid coat with long boots, you can achieve a classic and outlandish look. For a more elegant style, earthy-toned short boots can be the saviour of your plaid combo.

a shirt with a design on it
a grey suit jacket
a grey and white striped shirt

If you want a more energetic, sporty style, you can opt for inflatable coats. How about some velvet fabrics we're not used to in your inflatable coats? With a short velvet coat, you can both add a difference to your daytime style and complement your night style with an alternative that keeps you warm. Or oversize inflatable coats for a more risk-free style can be your savior. You can also try an inflatable coat with bright fabric for a cool sporty look instead of shiny velvet.

a grey jacket with a zipper
a brown jacket with a hood
a black jacket on a swinger
a black jacket with a hood
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