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The thrill of the first weeks

Hello, everyone! Last week I gave a Our love is growing, we are completing. Upon this development, I received requests from you, my dear followers, to write articles about how my pregnancy went.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. At the time of writing, I know that there are many new pregnant and perhaps very close mothers like me right now. So starting this week, I'll share with you what I do every week, how it goes, what I'm learning.

By the way, every day of pregnancy can be different, so don't worry if I can't write for a week. Just so you know, I've had a bad week or I can't write.

How are the first weeks going?

It's a whole new process for me, and I'm discovering something new every day, just like everyone else who's a mother-to-be right now. I think the hardest thing I've had since I found out about my pregnancy is nausea. Even in normal life, if you think about how exhausting it is, these nauseas and vomiting become unbearable when you are pregnant with your hormones at their highest level. Especially between the 7th and 11th weeks, I experienced severe fatigue, weakness, nausea. Normally, even if I was very sick, I would never compromise my energy, but I've been lying in bed for days.

During this period, your body already tells you everything. What you need to eat, what you don't want, or how much you're in; In short, everything. If you ask me what's best for me when I'm experiencing nausea, I'd say that everything that's actually good only works for a few hours. Eating cold lemons or drinking cold soda was the best thing for me. By the way, while you're throwing up, your family and loved ones are saying, "Oh girl, bird up!" What the hell does that mean? I'm dying! Joking aside, they were happy when I threw up because it was actually the biggest symptom that made it clear that the baby was in your belly during this period.

Consult your doctor about everything

Please do not act with information that is not heard during this period. You're going to have people around you who have an idea of what you're going through. Just listen to them all, but don't apply them. That's what I did. When I told you what I'd been through, I didn't do anything I was told to do without asking my doctor. Like coffee. Before I got pregnant, I was someone who consumed a lot of coffee and loved coffee. I gave up coffee completely with my pregnancy. There are also decaf coffees, but what can I do after the coffee is decaf...

Be positive

In the first weeks I was demoralized a lot, even crying a lot! I'm sleepy, I'm nauseous, I'm tired, and I don't feel like doing anything. And so, inevitably, the thought of "Is this how my 9 months are going to go?" begins to puzzle you. At this point, I always tried to remind myself that I have to be positive. This is perhaps one of the best feelings I'll ever have in my life. There's another heart in me with me, and I'm growing a little creature inside of me. Instead of rebelling, I have to be thankful. That's when I always tried to remind myself of that. My wife has also helped me a lot, both psychologically and physically.

What am I reading?

Last week I posted a book on my Snapchat account. One of my followers was 12 weeks pregnant, just like me, and he asked about that book. It's a book every pregnant woman reads. So I got it from D&R: What to Expect While You Wait for Your Baby With pictures, questions and answers, pregnancy is examined by its development by month. It's a good handbook for expectant mothers.

That's it... My first weeks were like this. It's really past the squeeze, isn't it?  But I'm going to try to make this journey as detailed as I can. In my article next week, I will tell you about the maternity massage I applied and the products I used in the process, the maternity yoga I'm just starting out with, and more.

I'll see you next week.

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