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The thrill of the first gift with Jacadi

You know, the snow's on the way. Babies can also enjoy the first snow of the year when dressed correctly and safely. For this, thick snowsuits and wool cardigans are among his favorite gift suggestions.

a pink and white shirt
a pink and white shirt
a grey button up shirt
a white shirt with a silver cross on it
a pink and white striped shirt
a blue and white shirt
a blue and white jacket

One of the most needed of newborns is overalls, which are often changed during the day. Often contaminated overalls are sometimes not able to keep up with the mothers changing, washing. Therefore, the stylish and useful jumpsuits you will buy will delight the little ones as well as the mothers.

a grey t-shirt with a skull on it
a pink jacket on a swinger
a white dress on a swinger
a grey shirt with a white cross on it
a blue and black suit
a white dress with red bows
a red and white jacket

During the first guest visit, on the first day in the park, the little ones will be warm with cute berets and soft shoes. By choosing a color, you can prepare a special gift pack with accessories consisting of different products.

a white shoe with a white lace
a red hat with a white logo
a pink and white sock
a pair of black shoes
a black hat with a black ball
a white shoe with a bow
a close-up of a brain

Families embracing their first baby are excited to enter 2017 with the newest and youngest member of their family. Stylish dresses and jumpsuits can also be a nice gift alternative for the youngest member of the family on this special day.

a blue dress on a swinger
a black and white dress
a white dress on a swinger
a pink and white dress
a red and white lantern
a grey sweater with a red heart

If you are undecided among so many options, you can choose your gift based on the most basic needs in baby care. Embroidered food aprons, towels, shoulder glands and, of course, toys are the top.

a group of white earrings
a white circle with a drawing on it
a couple of white boxes
a group of animals on a white wall
a white stuffed animal
a white and pink purse
a white and blue notebook
a blue and brown bag
a blue and white shower cap
a white toy with a blue tube
a white toy pig
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