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The story of Zeynep Arçay brand

Zeynep Özlem Alpay graduated from METU Computer Engineering. On top of that, he made an MBA at Bosphorus University and then worked as a senior manager in international technology companies for many years. So we wondered how she ended up in the fashion industry. We met a businesswoman who knew what she wanted, who combined the brought about life with her decisive stance and professional perspective under the brand name "Zeynep Arçay".

He says with the most sincere feelings that he wants to leave something of himself in life and also to live his family's name with a brand. Zeynep Arçay brand, named after her grandmother, has become a beautiful business that a woman who loves leather can never separate from her own life and express herself best.

"My brand is like a baby to me."

Which way is the Zeynep Arçay brand moving? Where does he want to go?

My brand has always been like a baby to me. That's why we took great care in building your strategy. For me, the stance of the brand is very important. Our brand started to take place on beymen designer floor before it was in its first year. For Zeynep Arçay, it's overseas. This year, for the first time, we unveiled our brand in New York and Paris, and the reactions we received were proof of how far we are on the right track...

"I'm incredibly excited that Jessica Biel is wearing a Zeynep Arçay design."

Speaking of abroad, we're very curious, your designs have been worn by some very important names in Hollywood very recently. What's the story with that? How did your designs get to them?

Stylists also showed great interest in our brand during this year's fashion weeks. They requested some pieces from the collection, so we left some of our products in the U.S. A few of the products we left were worn in a very short time by world-famous top models such as Joan Smalls and Romee Strijd. But what excites me the most is that I'm not going to be able to do that. Jessica Biel's latest film, "The Book of Love", premiered in New Orleans with a design by Zeynep Arçay.

Jessica Biel's preferred green leather dress for the premiere also received rave mail from foreign news and fashion sites.

Luck is also involved, of course, but choosing your designs from among a lot of products is of course your success, your designs appealing to the world. We're proud, too. How do you do your PR?

I've never set my goal of growing up too fast. Taking the right steps at the right time has always been a top priority for me. When you do that, when you can think more strategically and long-term, you separate yourself. At this stage, using PR correctly can give you momentum. I haven't spent any serious PR budgets to create my brand. I believe that spreading 'tongue-in-tongue' is the most successful PR tool, especially in the fashion industry.

"My adventure with leather...."

Finally, your collections are leather-heavy. When we say Zeynep Arçay, which part of you becomes iconic?

I love leather. My adventure with leather may be hard to believe, but it started when I was 6 years old by forcing my mother to have my first leather pants removed. However I can't remember exactly how I convinced my mother, who thought I couldn't be comfortable with leather at that age, those dark green leather pants are still right in front of my eyes... Leather pants are the lead in my road story. I guess that's why my answer to that question is leather pants.

We're so glad we got to know you, thank you for your time. It's been a pleasant conversation, see you again!

It's been fun for me, too, thank you.

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