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The secret of happy and peaceful houses

We said that the basic principle of Feng Shui doctrine is a life that is compatible with our environment, but when we think of harmony, we often think of color and style harmony, especially in decoration. However, according to Feng Shui, harmony has a much deeper and more philosophical meaning: balance. We all know the Yinyang philosophy: that good and evil, positive and negative, cold and heat, day and night complement each other and give birth to life with an endless cycle... Here with Feng Shui, one of the most important things to consider in decoration is the use of yin, which means negative energy, and yang, which means positive energy, in a way that complements each other and according to the functions of the rooms. If we define yin and yang energies in terms of decoration; yin represents cold colors, passive, soft, dim, dark, night concepts, while yang represents warm colors, active living spaces, hard, masculine, brighter areas. In each living space, you need to integrate these two energies with each other and use them balanced, but in more relaxing and special areas, such as the bedroom; in actively used and social areas such as the living room, you should focus on yang energy. But remember, without one of these energies, there can be no other.

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Energy flow forms the basis of the Feng Shui teaching. The way to create a healthy, peaceful and happy living space is to ensure the flow of energy in your home. According to this philosophy, when energy is trapped at some point in your home, the fertility and peace of the house escapes, and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the house decreases. Therefore, in decorations that conform to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a crowd of furniture and items is never created. Spacious and heartwarming decorations are preferred, where energy can move easily.

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When creating decoration with Feng Shui, it is very important that the elements of fire, soil, metal, water and trees interact with each other. These five basic elements should not be used with a debilitating effect on decoration. For example, according to this philosophy, in kitchen designs, which is a living space that directly affects people's chances in their lives, the stove representing the element of fire and the sink representing the water element should not come together and negatively affect each other's energies. Sink and stove units or L kitchens applied on two countertops are ideal designs for Feng Shui-style decoration.

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It is not only a principle of feng shui doctrine that we need to have clean and orderly living spaces for a more peaceful and happy lifestyle. However, one of the essentials of this philosophy is order because nature is also a perfect order, and Feng Shui follows the example of nature. According to the Feng Shui doctrine, you should throw away everything that creates clutter in your home and create a clean home design as neatly and always as possible.

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In Feng Shui, each color has its own meaning and energy, and when creating decoration, colors must be used correctly according to the functions of the living spaces. Bright objects reflect good energy, so mirrored and shiny objects should be preferred in accessory selections. In furniture and interior design elements; red high energy, joy, passion and luck; yellow glory, fame and personal development; green naturalness and health; blue water and its healing energy; orange creativity; white purity and cleanliness; purple fertility and mental motivation; gray represents charity.

a blue couch with a mirror
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