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The secret of a refreshed young skin

Natural rose water, which is distilled drop by drop by traditional methods from fresh Isparta roses, helps your skin to have a smooth and fresh appearance with its pore firming effect. For example, apply the rose water you have left in the refrigerator for your tired-looking, swollen eyes under your eyes by dripping them into cotton. You'll notice that this area comes alive immediately. It also leaves a natural moisturizing effect in winter.

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Do not forget to discover the antioxidant effect of roses. Rich in antioxidants, natural rose water protects, soothes and radiates the skin from external factors.

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Facial oils are becoming an important part of our daily skin care routine day by day. The most notable of these is rose oils. Gülsha's'Night Rose Elixir'accompanies the repair process of the skin while you are asleep, helping it to recover, revive and achieve a younger appearance. In order to prevent future wrinkles on the skin, essential rose oil, known for its anti-aging effect, increases the elasticity of the skin. All you have to do is drip a few drops of the'Night Rose Potion'into your palm and feed it to your skin in circular motions. Then all you have to do is enjoy your beauty sleep.

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Anti-inflammatory foods contribute to our longer, healthier and more peaceful life. And did you know that roses also contain anti-inflammatory? This substance, which we usually find in red fruits, is also found in roses. Natural hydrolat oil obtained with roses soothes fluffy, swollen and fried spots on your skin with its anti-inflammatory effect.

a bouquet of pink roses
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