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The new formula for staying young

With the relaxation of the skin itself, when this is added to the fact that the adipose tissue under the skin shrinks in volume and changes downwards due to the effect of gravity, sagging occurs on our face. This sagging is first evident on the sides of the chin, and the oval shape of the face, which makes it look young, disappears.

Until a few years ago, these changes, which could be treated mostly with a surgical procedure, can now be corrected with a procedure called 'thread face lift'. And in a much shorter time, painlessly, without anesthesia! In the process of facelifting with yarn, it is aimed to produce one's own collagen by placing thin threads at a certain angle in a certain layer under the skin. In this process, similar to the yarns that have already been used to stitch tissues during many surgical surgeries for many years, in polydioxenon structure, yarns that are compatible with human tissue and melt in the body after a while are used. Studies have shown that yarns completely melt and disappear after an average of 12 weeks. Our skin produces new collagen in the process that begins when trying to melt these threads. Therefore, the stress effect with the contribution of yarns, which begins immediately after the procedure, is 3. From the month it gradually increases with the increase of new collagen production, after about 6 months the real effect is revealed. The youthful effect provided by this newly produced collagen continues for 2-3 years. This method, which is most commonly used to correct sagging in the face area, cheeks, tickles and neck area and to raise eyebrows, can also be widely used in sagging around the arm, hips, legs and belly in the body.

Not suitable for every patient

The right patient selection is very important in the face lift process with yarn. People in the older age group with a high sagging level should not expect as big an effect as face lift surgery; it should be known that this process will increase the quality of the skin and provide some effect on wrinkles and sagging. It is especially ideal for people who do not want to bother with surgery or who want to push the date of surgery a few years ahead. Since it is a procedure that takes 30-60 minutes, which is done only with the help of local anesthetic creams, it can be applied even during a short break created in the middle of the day by people with busy work life. People can return to work and social life immediately after the application.

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