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The most trendy hair colors of the winter 2018

Especially this summer, the most trendy color in hair, rose gold, golden pink, strawberry yellow shades will be at the forefront only on the ends of the hair.

Amber Heard wearing a black dress

The bales in yellow tones, which we prefer mostly in spring and summer, are replaced by shades that are suitable for cold weather in winter.

Kerry Washington with long hair

Finally, kim kardashian's color consists of a silver-tinted yellow with blue underries and opening to the ends. This cold tone evokes a queen of snow.

Kim Kardashian in a black suit

If metallic yellow sounds too ambitious to you, you can opt for this warm-toned yellow inspired by Emma Stone. Let's also make a funny note by adding that they liken this yellow to 'butter' because of its tone! If you want more vivid and light colors instead of dark tones in winter, you can try it.

Emma Stone in a black dress

For those who do not dare to try different colors, black is the safest option.

Zoe Kravitz wearing a black jacket
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