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The most magnificent fashion shows from Paris Fashion Week

The Christian Dior fashion house, which has embraced an innovative streak by going beyond the dior woman's image over the past few seasons, has become one of the most notable fashion shows in Paris. Models rocked the hall with the same anthem steps on the catwalk, which was dominated by a militar air. The younger-looking Dior woman came up with pieces that were predominantly denim fabric. For those familiar with the Dior line, this was a rather surprising change. Especially in the collection, which was inspired by the first women's uniforms of the 1970s, accessories such as caps attracted attention, while Maria Grazia Chiuri, the brand's creative director, said: "I needed to talk to millennials, to understand this new generation... Because I want to support them." Chiuri, whose "We Should All Be Feminists" T-shirt in her collection last October became a hot topic in the fashion world, is now preparing to create her own militant feminist lineup, who knows? It may also be wrong to argue that exactly what he wants to do is a "masculine" line, which is mostly due to Chiuri's belief in the power of blue color. Finally, she adds: "I want to build a wardrobe. I don't believe there is a single uniform for everyone, everyone should find the uniform they need, the one that protects and expresses itself..."

a person wearing a black dress
a person wearing a dress
a woman wearing a dress
a woman walking on a runway

Elie Saab, the hero of fairytale lands, was also one of the most highly anticipated fashion shows in Paris. Especially dominated by black-purple colors and shades, the collection was somewhere between elie saab's unique line and the line where she improved herself and added something new every day. You come across such details in this collection of Elie Saab, who has been putting fairy tale women in a more rebellious and grunge mood with leather accessories over the last few seasons. This is the new Saab woman: Elie Saab, who received her "dramatic, dark and romantic" inspiration from Giselle, has put fabrics such as tulle and tafta in a richer and more flamboyant form, especially using them on top of each other. When you see a biker jacket over an all-tulle embroidered skirt covered in punaces, you now know it's Elie Saab. Behind Poydum, he says of the collection: "I wanted to do something flashy. Less commercial and more dramatic." Which one of us wouldn't want to be such a romantic superhero anyway?

a person in a dress
a person wearing a dress
a person in a dress
a person in a black dress

This season Balenciaga is creating a collection where colors and patterns compete with each other. "At Balenciaga, we design outfits that inspire new clothes. That's the way we work," says Demma Gvasalia. "I went back 30 years to the archives of Cristobal and in fact that's exactly how many models styled their coats." Plus-size coats, jackets and puffers! Colorful long boots, trousers or socks... That's Demma's definition of the perfect woman! Believing in the power of easy and functional parts, Balenciaga created his own original style with the colors and patterns he collided with, although he freed himself in the molds. Maybe it's Demma's balance thing, to give it that grandeur from another end while keeping the end of one job simpler...

a woman wearing a pink dress
a woman wearing a green dress and a skirt
Aymeline Valade wearing a blue coat

Valentino, who opened with pink last season, signalled that the season will continue in the autumn with trendy pink at his show in Paris this week. Pierpaolo Piccioli, who maintains the ruins of ancient Rome and does not stray too far from this line in terms of styles and cuts in almost every collection, welcomes fashion lovers with his designs that are also adaptable to romantic and everyday life in Valentino this season. Although Victorian-style dresses with long, high waist and high neck detailing have become Valentino's signature, the fact that purple, pink and pastel shades dominate the collection completely changes the mood, apart from the colors of that period that we have become accustomed to for many years.

a person wearing a colorful dress
a woman wearing a red dress
a person wearing a colorful dress
a person wearing a pink coat
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