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The most fun sport of summer: Kitesurf

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being the kite itself rather than flying a kite. Both flying and holding control, I let myself go to the wind, dancing with the wind... I'm talking about Kitesurf!

Who can do it?

If you think you're agile, if your balance and coordination are good, kitesurf is for you. For 50 percent of people who have tried kiteboard, you just have to love excitement and adrenaline for this sport that has returned to its way of life.

Although Kitesurf is very new in the world, it is curious and its popularity is growing rapidly. We can call this windy water sport kite surfing. You can rent the ingredients for this fun water sport that starts in France and affects the world from where you will learn, but after a while I'm sure you'll want to have a team that reflects you.

As the material technology of water sports improved, so did the age of the athletes. Don't be surprised if you see an 8-year-old kitesurfing. With 8 hours of training, you can start dancing in the sky like a kite.

Where, when can you do it?

Kilyos, Alacati, Fethiye, Gokova are among the wonderful places where you can kiteboard. It may seem like a summer sport, but 8 months of the year, except for winter, is a sport you can do comfortably. Kitesurf is what you need when you do helmets, life jackets, surfboards, kites...

Depending on the type of kite, 2 or 4 ropes are in the control vest attached to the body. These ropes allow you to fly left when you pull to the right and to the right when you pull left. The vehicle that will allow you to skate is your surfboard.

In kitesurf, where the abdominal muscles are constantly active, the leg, arm and chest muscles also work continuously.

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