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The most beautiful gift children's books on April 23

I'm a Cat, signed by illustrator, author Galia Bernstein, introduces children over five years of age from cheetah to cougar to all members of the feline family.



Red Riding Hood, one of the masterpieces of world children's literature, appears in 3D this time. In addition, this book has been remastered so that the brutal parts of the Red Riding Hood story are removed and do not affect your child's psychological development.


Set in the summer camp in Buyukada, the story tells the story of Melis, who came to Earth from the planet Aketya and had to hide his magical powers, dreaming of a fun camp, and being caught in the middle of an exciting adventure with his schoolmates.


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Signed by Swiss author Germano Zullo and illustrator Albertine, this special illustrated book is worthy of the 2011 Sorcières Award, the 2012 New York Times Best Picture Book Award and the 2014 São Paulo Grand Prize. Subtle Things tells a universal story that will attract book lovers of all ages with its poetic language and distinctive minimal paintings.


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Pon Pon comes up in 3D with the fun story of Tail and Friends in the Forest. This story tells your child that everyone has a different talent and the beauty of differences.

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The World of Dinosaurs book will make your child love to read while at the same time giving them a pleasant and useful time. The book World of Dinosaurs, which comes across a different sound on each page, is the most useful and realistic book ever made about it.

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Crowned with the Kate Greenaway Award for illustration in 1971 for her dazzling drawings by Jan Piekowski, the Kingdom at the Bottom of the Sea is made up of eleven European tales filled with legends kneaded with the unparalleled imagination and creative pen of joan aiken, the classic British children's book author.


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This illustrated book, which can also be considered as a graphic novel for children, takes readers aged 5 and over on a stroll through germs found on different surfaces such as T-shirts, teeth, books and leather.



Thanks to the Book of Game Pursuit with various games, you can introduce your children to Renkgiller and move away from the digital world and play real games together. You can bring them together with Renkgiller on this holiday so that your children born into the digital age can enjoy games such as "straight, salt shaker, rubber jump, name-city-animal".


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