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The formula of perfect wavy hair

Who can forget these hair waves that have become Blake Lively's signature? There are 2 things you need to make these retro-influenced intense waves: a thin tong and plenty of fritters. For this method applied to dry hair, separate your hair from the side (for convenience, you can distinguish from here by limiting where your eyebrow ends). Wrap your hair in small tufts of tongs and leave for a few seconds. Then remove the tongs without opening your hair and attach this curled tuft to your hair with the help of the frigate.  After applying this method to all your hair, remove the frigates and fix your curls with hairspray.

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For some, Blake Lively's waves can be ambitious in everyday use If you're in favor of sponti dysty but still face curls every time you try, take note of our advice. With a medium-thickness hair tong, wrap your hair in large, random tufts.  The trick to maintaining naturalness here is not to wrap your hair in tongs to the bottom. In this way, the folds of your hair will retain its naturalness. After the tongs process is finished, comb your hair in your fifties or with the help of a comb.  If your hair is thin, make sure to use the tongs at low heat.

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Cut your hair in half. Again, with the help of a tong, wrap your hair, but this time leave it exposed instead of fastening it with a frieket. In this way, your waves will have a natural appearance. You can fix your waves using sea salt spray before or after the procedure.

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Prepare your hair tongs again for this method, which you can choose on special occasions. The important trick here is not to wrap the tongs at the bottom of your hair. Wrap your hair in tufts, half your hair length, in tongs, leaving the tops completely straight. Gently remove the tong from your hair and comb it with your fingers.

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This time we use hair straightener instead of tongs. Apply dry shampoo or a voluminous hairspray to your hair before starting the procedure. Randomly separate tufts in your hair. Then give your hair folds with the help of a straightener.

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Those who are after both natural and voluminous waves can be inspired by Kylie Jenner's hair. Wrap your hair in tongs in random tufts. After completing the procedure, let your hair, which is warmed by tongs, rest a little. As a last step, mix your hair with the help of your hands.

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Weave your hair into tufts. Then go over it with the hair straightener. Here are the bohemian waves.

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