Harrison Ford, Michael B. Jordan, Jessica Chastain, Michael Shannon, Claire Foy, Zendaya, Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon posing for a photo
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The expected cover of the year is on air!

Vanity Fair magazine has again made a much-talked about cover this year.

This year's rising stars Zendaya, Gal Gadot and Claire Foy are notable on the cover, while nicole kidman and Reese Witherspoon, who have been much talked about for "Big Little Lies," and Oprah Winfrey, who won praise for her speech at the Golden Globes ceremony. Breaking tradition last year, the magazine featured only female actors on its cover, and this year it shot again with male actors. The cover features top actors of the year, including Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Robert De Niro, Michael B. Jordan.

Jessica Diehl was the stylist for annie leibovitz's shoot.

Readers were left with a Photoshop error in the photos posted behind the camera, with Oprah Winfrey appearing in 35. Vanity Fair responded on Twitter, "When it comes to Oprah, how do you expect her to catch up with everything with two hands?"

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