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The design story of Naz's baby room

My wife's favorite room was Naz's in our house :) since we did not make our Living Plan in this house according to two children, the only room left in the House for our second daughter Naz was my wife's hobby room. My dear Serra and I used to work for our house in Bodrum. Now we're back together for Naz's room. Serra asked me, " what kind of room do you want?"I sent some room visuals that I liked when he asked. There were some things I specifically wanted. For example, a lot of cabinets and drawers... children's things take up serious space, and you need a lot of space. We assessed Nile's sub-replacement unit and the Stokke bed, which we did not use, in Naz's room. Stokke transformed the bed with a Serra bohemian vibe. My favorite details of the room were wallpaper, handles and lighting in the form of balloons. The handles and most accessories were taken from Anthropologie. The carpet used in the room is 100 percent organic, and its brand is JAB. We bought balloon lighting from Bilge lighting in şişhane. Serra explained the warm details of this whole room with his own answers, and I hope you like it. 

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I imagined a room that was fun, cheerful and colorful, but at the same time serene. Although there are many details in Naz's room, he has a calm image. To capture this, I took care to use the colors balanced and make smooth transitions.


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The ceiling is sloping and detailed. So the ceiling and the wall had to be close to each other in shades and light color. As soon as I saw the polka dot wallpaper with white background, I fainted! The colors in the wallpaper; mint green, pale pink and gold colors were used in other details in the room yesilmiş. The furniture is all custom design.  The wood furniture is light grey and white polished.  

Makreme braided crib, balloon lights and brass rabbit lampshade are my favorite details.


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I'd say good lighting. There should be several different lighting alternatives that we can use in the evening/night hours when we cannot use daylight, thinking that your baby will be awake at different hours. The fact that the general lighting is gradually dimmable will also provide you with great convenience.


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Our priority in baby rooms, of course, is to create a safe living space. Precautions such as avoiding angular pointed lines as much as possible, adjusting the December of cot bars to ideal sizes, using a security lock for Windows, selecting sockets from models with a security lock are vital in baby rooms.

In addition, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial material choices are also very important in baby rooms.

If it is design-sized, you should also pay attention to functionality when planning a comfortable living space for both your baby and yourself. Babies grow up fast. Be sure to use your choice in favor of convertible furniture to evaluate the furniture you choose for your baby in the coming years.


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Yeah, I mean, partly. For example, in the past year, we have often seen the Scandinavian style in the children's rooms, where we have seen its reflections in the interiors. Massive furniture, indiscriminately placed pieces, geometric wallpapers or carpets are the sine qua non of this trend.

When designing baby rooms, it is important to investigate new trends and current furniture designs. But it is impossible for you to constantly keep up with new trends throughout the development of your baby or child. For this reason, use your preferences in the main furniture in favor of simple and functional parts.


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