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The decoration trend of the era

Color and texture transitions are one of the key points of creating an eclectic decoration. It is necessary to determine which style will be prioritized in the appearance of the designed room and create an eclectic aesthetic with different touches suitable for that style. This stunning living room decoration, which stands out with its vintage style, is an example of a flawless eclectic design. The oriental patterned rug and the traditional seating group, both with its color, velvet upholstery and design, determine the vintage main character of the room, while the modern center table adds a stylish touch to the space from today. The most distinctive feature of the room is the unusual and innovative wall decoration on the walls with modern color transitions and the vintage breezes inside this decoration.

a living room with a wall of clocks and a couch

The decoration of this living room, which opens to a wonderful garden and impresses even with its view only on the garden façade, is one of the dazzling examples of blending different styles. One of the most iconic models of the classic style, the Chesterfield armchairs add noble gravitas and classic elegance to the living space, while the raw wood-material designs used in the center coffee table and fireplace unit are a wonderful rustic addition to this classic elegance. The painting, which stands out with the neon colors hanging on the wall, complements the eye-catching appearance of the room with a contemporary and artistic accent.

a living room with a fireplace

Modern eclectic decorations are stunning living spaces that often result from blending contemporary furniture and accessories with traditional styles. Modern-style decorations, where comfort and simple elegance are prioritized, get a much more stylish and unusual look with classic touches. In this spacious hall, the extremely unusual and modern seating group and the round center tables that complement it are accentuated with a classic-style flashy chandelier, creating a majestic and stylish atmosphere without creating a crowd of items.

a large living room with a large chandelier and a couch

In today's aesthetic trends, vintage pieces are used quite widely. Vintage influences are also frequently seen in the decorations of the new generation living space and furniture and accessory designs. Especially in a modern kitchen, creating an aesthetic appearance as impressive and aesthetic as dense vintage accents is not possible in designs created by adhering to a single style. In this kitchen, which has a historical texture and will be immediately etched in the memories at first glance with its innovative and modern appearance, we witness the design of modern kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets with a traditional presentation. Copper fountains and pipes are just one of the decorative stars of the kitchen.

a kitchen with black cabinets

In this bedroom, where traditional and historical textures and motifs play a leading role, an eclectic understanding that blends comfort and aesthetics with expertly applied color preferences and furniture layout awaits us. Modern furniture and a modern design create a unique sophisticated effect, supported by historical motifs and accessories.

a bed with green and white walls
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