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The best matte lipsticks

It's soft and very easy to version. At the same time, it does not contain parabens, plus it adds a feature. It has 39 different color, but our favorites include number 14. Our permanence score is 6.

a pink and black lipstick

This lipstick version, which stands nude in coffee undersized and wheat skin, is quite easy. You can easily apply the Stone lip pencil from mac to darken the color at any time.

a close-up of a lipstick

One of the liquid matte lipsticks of the pastel brand is an indispensable lipstick for lovers of purple color number 19. It does not dry the lip, does not want to moisturize in advance, but requires double application with a small amount of products, since its structure is liquid. It is very important that this liquid matte lipstick is not carried out of the lip line when applying.

a close-up of a lipstick

Sephora's matte lipstick line provides a real "must-have" 10 hours of permanence, never comes off the lip, like other matte lipsticks, after a while it does not stop piece by piece, it is driven very comfortably without a pencil as it has a slightly creamy structure. One of our recommendations is Sephora's Longwear range, especially if you are looking for a good and more affordable red lipstick!

a silver and black cylindrical object

Chilli tile looks great in a red color and especially in more bohemian-style combinations of taba, cream, blue.

a red lipstick with a black band

Thanks to its permanent texture, it does not let you down and you do not feel obliged to constantly refresh. First moisturize your lip by applying moisturizer, and then apply lipstick. Trustworthy color is our favorite!

a bottle of nail polish

Number 10 from this series looks very different and can instantly change the style of the outfit you are wearing. It is worth mentioning that this lipstick looks much better on pink undersized skin and people with light pink lips.

a white and black tube

Flormar's lipstick line stands out in its different shape. Lipstick with sharp corners is applied almost as comfortably as a lip liner, does not overflow. With its soft formula, it does not weigh on the lip, it offers a natural appearance.

a close-up of a lipstick

Golden Rose's pencil matte lipsticks come to the rescue of those who can't get out of it, especially if it's a dark lipstick. It facilitates the version with its soft structure and thin end. The color that suits the winter months best is the number 11 in rose dry color...


For those who like matte lipsticks in liquid form, mac's Retro series is another recommendation. Our favorite shading of the series, which stands out for its easy application, was the color 'Mademoiselle', which alternates between pink and coral tones.

a close-up of a lipstick
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